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Will your family benefit from 50/50 child custody?

| May 5, 2021 | Uncategorized

If you’re going through a divorce in the state of California, your biggest concern is likely the custody of your children. While it can be scary to think about the fact that your children may not be living with you most of the time, you need to keep the best interest of your children in mind. While most parents want to obtain a 50/50 child custody arrangement, that’s not always in the best interest of the children.

What is 50/50 custody?

50/50 child custody, also referred to join or split custody, refers to a custody schedule where a child spends an equal amount of time with both parents. Most courts utilize the number of nights that the child stays with each parent as an indicator of the amount of custody that they have. Parents who have 50/50 child custody share within the major decisions of their child’s life, like what school attend and what religion they participate in.

Factors to consider

While you might be used to splitting everything right down the middle when it comes to your marital assets, splitting your children may not be in their best interest. In most cases, 50/50 child custody works best for parents who live within a close geographical region to one another and have children that are not young. If you and your spouse don’t live close to one another, it’s going to be logistically difficult to move your kids back and forth between your homes on a regular basis. In addition, younger children are less likely to adapt to a constantly changing home environment when dealing with 50/50 child custody.

While at first glance, 50/50 child custody may seem like the perfect solution for you and your spouse, it may not be. It’s important to stop and think about the logistical factors as well as the emotional well-being of your children to determine whether or not this type of custody arrangement is right for your family.