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For Unmarried Couples, Both Individuals May Have Property Rights In California

Many couples live together for a number of years. When they split up, it can be difficult to know what happens to the assets they acquired together. Named for the case involving the late actor Lee Marvin, a Marvin action is the official term used by clients who resided together but never legally married. Newport Family Law & Mediation Group has helped clients throughout Southern California. We can help you navigate the legal system and understand your rights.

What Are Marvin Actions?

Marvin actions are becoming increasingly common. Unfortunately, many attorneys do not know how to handle these cases. We do. Our attorneys often work with clients in situations where they provided for their partner financially while the other maintained the home or vice versa. Even if there was never a formal written or oral agreement, both parties have rights similar to those who are married. Understandably, this can become tremendously complicated.

Our attorneys will work through the specifics of your case and represent your best interests. Your dependency on your partner has a fiscal component that is important. When moving forward, you need to plan for this. This is also important for couples who lived together for a number of years before getting married. In this situation, you may have two property settlement cases: a community property division case as part of your divorce and a Marvin action for the time you were not married but living together. We will sit down with you individually in order to help you understand the situation you are facing.

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