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Ending a marriage is a decision nobody intends to make. It is stressful and confusing. Each couple has a unique set of assets and challenges to sort out. You have built a life together, and it may feel scary imagining how you will survive on your own. Filing for divorce has many facets, and one of those to consider is the need for spousal support. Our Newport Beach spousal support lawyers are able to offer this from the very beginning when starting your case.

Spousal support may help in a tremendous way by easing some of the burdens during or after this life-changing transition. If you reside in the Newport Beach area of California, you may be entitled to this extra support. An alimony attorney can help you with any financial dependencies you may have.

If awarded, it can help with costs during the divorce proceedings and can also help while transitioning to a more self-sufficient way of living afterward. Spousal support is an opportunity to feel more confident while moving forward in creating the life you envision for yourself.

Newport Beach Spousal Support Lawyer

What Does Spousal Support Mean?

Spousal support means one spouse or domestic partner is legally bound to make payments towards the monthly costs of the other. Spousal support and alimony are terms that may be used interchangeably. The goal is to assist the lower-income spouse through the divorce and/or transition to living independently without sacrificing their living standards and conditions.

Two Types of Alimony

There are two types of alimony: temporary and permanent. Temporary alimony will cover costs before the divorce case is finalized. You may request temporary support as soon as your lawyer files your divorce case. When the divorce is finalized, these temporary payments will stop.

A long-term or permanent form of support may be used to cover costs after the divorce proceedings are completed. The duration of these payments may vary greatly depending on each couple’s circumstances. It may also be reassuring to know that there are no minimum residential requirements or waiting periods.

Alimony Attorney Expectations

The right family law firm will consider your unique situation and help you navigate the complex legal process in a respectful, caring, and transparent way. The well-being of the entire family is considered a top priority. Psychological and financial pressures can have long-lasting effects, so however they can be minimized is very important while making decisions together.

At Newport Family Law & Mediation Group, you will find a safe place to get answers to your questions and concerns. The paperwork and legal responsibilities will be handled in a timely and professional manner. Our goal is to lay a solid foundation for building your new life ahead.

What Facts Determine the Alimony Outcome?

In order to maintain your current standard of living and bridge any financial gap, your lawyer can take a deeper look into questions like:

  • Are you the dependent spouse?
    Bank statements, tax documents, pay stubs and other proof of financial pressures can be necessary in supporting your claim.
  • What is the length of the marriage?
    For marriages that last less than ten years, usually, the support will be half this time. A marriage that is over ten years is considered long-term, and the support can last many more years.
  • Are there children involved?
    The amount awarded can increase and vary greatly per minor dependent. Child support would be calculated first.
  • Are there any illnesses or medical conditions?
  • Is there any history of domestic abuse or violence?

How a Lawyer Can Help

Our alimony attorneys here in Newport Beach, CA are knowledgeable and experienced with the legalities in your state. We can look at your facts to help guide you while giving options that pertain to your needs. We work for you by protecting your interests and guarding against being taken advantage of during negotiation. A solid representation can result in an outcome that sets you up for success after a failed marriage.

As a client, we can collaborate by providing assistance throughout your ordeal. You do not have to feel alone during this confusing time. Having a lawyer who knows the legal system can provide aid with things like filing your court order, gathering the facts, negotiating, court fees and proceedings. Together, we will work towards establishing a calculated amount of funds and a length of time for being granted those funds. We use our experience to work together for an amount that can benefit you and your children if you have any.


Q: What Is the Average Percentage of Spousal Support in California?

A: The average percentage of spousal support in CA is calculated by taking 40% of the net income from the higher-paid spouse and then minus 50% of the spouse’s income who would be receiving the payments. This shows the financial gap that the higher earner must make up for. If a receiving spouse is also collecting child support then the amounts would shift to 35% of the payee and subtracting 40% of the recipients. This is a guideline put in place by the state of California.

Q: How Do I Negotiate Spousal Support in California?

A: Negotiating spousal support is easiest when effective communication about financial needs and concerns are discussed openly between both parties. Having a willingness to compromise can help each reach a realistic and beneficial goal as well. Cooperation by not withholding information and working together will help both already stressed parties come to a more satisfying conclusion.

Q: How Is Permanent Spousal Support Calculated in California?

A: In California, permanent spousal support is considered only if the duration of the marriage exceeds ten years. A long-term marriage has more details to go over, and results can depend on each couple’s unique situation. The state of California has a statute family code section 4320 for the court to consider while establishing long-term support.

Q: Does A Wife Have to Pay Spousal Support in California?

A: California state allows wives, husbands, and same-sex couples to request spousal support. This gender-neutral approach allows whichever partner needs financial assistance the right to alimony. Alimony attorneys in CA will consider earnings and other details to determine who is ordered to make payments and who receives these benefits.

Alimony Attorney CA – Newport Family Law & Mediation Group

If you are choosing to dissolve your marriage and are concerned about finances, reach out, ask questions, and get answers. Calling to set up a consultation is the first step to take while making your desired future a top priority. The opportunity to have financial stability and a sense of security can make a lasting impact for many years to come. Newport Family Law & Mediation Group is here for you. Start building your confidence for a more independent life today with a phone call.


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