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What are your options for selling the marital home after divorce?

Divorce in California can be complex and emotional. However, you have options when it comes to selling your marital home once your marriage is over.…

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What a postnuptial agreement protects

You may have heard of a prenuptial agreement, but you might be surprised to learn that there’s a similar document that you can sign after…

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Your options for responding to divorce papers in California

Divorce papers are important documents that you want to read and handle immediately. California only allows you 30 days to submit a formal response from…

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What’s “palimony?”

Everyone is familiar with the concept of alimony, which is paid in certain states like California when married couples divorce and one party is required…

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Stock options and restricted stock award assets in a divorce

California citizens that go through a divorce know that it can be extremely complex and time-consuming. Once more money is involved, it can get even…

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Divorce does not mean the end of your small business

Some California couples who decide to proceed with a divorce might have to negotiate what happens to their small business during the division of property.…

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How to deal with retirement and investment assets in a divorce

When a California couple begins the process of divorce, they will negotiate how to divide their assets. A big portion of the negotiations will relate…

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What are postnuptial agreements?

A postnuptial agreement is the same as a prenuptial agreement except that it gets put together during a marriage instead of before the wedding. The…

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Finding an alternative to prenuptial agreements

Divorce can lead to a lack of sleep, immense stress and family problems between you and your children. In many cases, this stress is due…

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Avoiding common tax-related divorce mistakes

Going through a divorce could come with an enormous amount of stress. Spouses seeking to dissolve their marriages may want to “just get things over…

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