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What will happen to my retirement accounts in my divorce?

In most divorces, people’s pensions and retirement accounts are their highest-value assets, which can cause great anxiety and emotional distress during this stressful and challenging…

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5 ways to regain your footing after divorce

Going through a divorce can be a challenging and emotionally draining experience. As you transition into this new chapter of your life, it is essential…

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How to recognize parental alienation

Maintaining healthy relationships with both parents is important for children who are coping with divorce. Both parents should encourage these connections, but this is unfortunately…

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Joint custody arrangements in California

California’s family courts aim to prioritize children’s well-being when making custody determinations. Joint custody arrangements can enable both parents to remain present and engaged in…

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Does a nonowner spouse have an interest in the house?

California is a community property state, meaning all debts and assets acquired during the marriage are marital property and belong equally to both parties. Generally,…

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The top 3 mistakes made during high asset divorces

All divorces are difficult, but divorces involving high-net-worth couples can be particularly challenging. With substantial amounts of money, real estate and other assets to divide,…

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Protecting business assets in a divorce

The community property law in California requires family law judges to divide marital estates equally in divorce cases, but the assets that divorcing spouses acquired…

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How to get ready for a custody hearing

In the state of California, both parents are typically given the opportunity to have custody of their children. However, the structure of your parenting plan…

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What is quasi-community property and how does it impact divorce?

When couples in California divorce, part of the process will be dividing the property and debt acquired during the marriage. Part of the property might…

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What are your options for selling the marital home after divorce?

Divorce in California can be complex and emotional. However, you have options when it comes to selling your marital home once your marriage is over.…

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