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Do I have a right to see my grandchildren?

Divorce is hard on individuals, couples and children, but it also affects those who are outside of the nuclear family. Loving grandparents can become victims…

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Does your parent need a guardian?

If your elderly parent or loved one can no longer live or do certain tasks independently, you may consider establishing a California guardianship. This legal…

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Factors California courts consider when awarding spousal support

When you split from your husband or wife in California, you may have concerns about whether you might be able to maintain the same standard…

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How does domestic violence affect child custody?

Incidents of domestic violence are taken very seriously. If you are a California parent who is going through a split and there’s a history of…

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How does palimony work in California?

Anyone who cohabits with a partner in California should know the basics of palimony laws. Palimony has been recognized in California since the mid-1970s. In…

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What are the types of child visitation orders in California?

When it comes to child custody and specific types of visitation orders, every state has its own specific rules and regulations. California, of course, is…

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Which types of protection orders are legal in California?

A protection order, also referred to as a restraining order, is a legally binding order that is meant to protect someone from being abused, harassed,…

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What are your rights to business assets if you’re unmarried?

These days, fewer couples are getting married, but many are still purchasing property and going into business together. This can make breakups more complicated than…

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Key points about how child custody is determined in California

Many family law issues can be in dispute during a California divorce. Frequently, one of the most emotionally challenging and contentious ones is child custody.…

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What can a restraining order do?

If a romantic partner is threatening or harassing you in California, you could protect yourself and your family with a restraining order while you pursue…

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