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Prenuptial agreements and making sure they are valid

In California, people who are getting married will likely be excited about the pending nuptials and enthusiastic about the future. Still, that does not mean…

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What to consider before signing a prenuptial agreement

California courts will generally uphold the terms of a valid prenuptial agreement. Furthermore, the courts will typically uphold valid contracts that are executed after a…

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Common myths about prenuptial agreements

California residents may assume that they have to be wealthy or famous in order to need a prenuptial agreement. However, prenuptial agreements are an option…

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Finding an alternative to prenuptial agreements

Divorce can lead to a lack of sleep, immense stress and family problems between you and your children. In many cases, this stress is due…

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Details that make a sound prenuptial agreement

Even though a couple might not want to think about getting a divorce in California, it’s important to have some type of protection before entering…

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When to consider a prenuptial agreement

While it isn’t the most romantic aspect of planning a wedding, today, more and more partners opt to sign prenuptial agreements before they walk down…

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