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Protecting business assets in a divorce

The community property law in California requires family law judges to divide marital estates equally in divorce cases, but the assets that divorcing spouses acquired…

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How does domestic violence affect child custody?

Incidents of domestic violence are taken very seriously. If you are a California parent who is going through a split and there’s a history of…

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How to get ready for a custody hearing

In the state of California, both parents are typically given the opportunity to have custody of their children. However, the structure of your parenting plan…

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What is quasi-community property and how does it impact divorce?

When couples in California divorce, part of the process will be dividing the property and debt acquired during the marriage. Part of the property might…

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What are your options for selling the marital home after divorce?

Divorce in California can be complex and emotional. However, you have options when it comes to selling your marital home once your marriage is over.…

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What a postnuptial agreement protects

You may have heard of a prenuptial agreement, but you might be surprised to learn that there’s a similar document that you can sign after…

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Prenuptial agreements and making sure they are valid

In California, people who are getting married will likely be excited about the pending nuptials and enthusiastic about the future. Still, that does not mean…

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Your options for responding to divorce papers in California

Divorce papers are important documents that you want to read and handle immediately. California only allows you 30 days to submit a formal response from…

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How does palimony work in California?

Anyone who cohabits with a partner in California should know the basics of palimony laws. Palimony has been recognized in California since the mid-1970s. In…

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What’s “palimony?”

Everyone is familiar with the concept of alimony, which is paid in certain states like California when married couples divorce and one party is required…

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